This isn’t an issues page. This is an outcomes page.


Economic inequality is the defining challenge of our time. While some are doing well in this economy, people and communities across Massachusetts are falling behind. For too long, we’ve let economic inequality grow because we’ve let low expectations dictate the status quo. This has to change.

To take on economic inequality, we are going to have to spend more money. This begins by asking a question: what outcomes do we want state programs to provide for people? Once we decide the outcome we want, we can spend the money that it’ll take to get us there.

Paying for these programs will take asking those who are doing really well in this economy to pay a little more in taxes. That way, we’ll be able to make the investments we need and drive toward the outcomes we want to see.


Here’s what I propose:













How Are We Going to Get to These Proposals?

Making the investments necessary to take on economic inequality begins with fixing our state’s budget. Right now, it’s a mess. For years, revenue projections have not matched reality and our budgets have fallen short.

They have fallen short because Charlie Baker and the legislature refuse to be honest: we need to implement some drastic changes in order to find our budgetary footing. Here’s what I propose:

  • Make the first budget I file a “level service budget” — so that we know exactly what we are spending and how much revenue we are taking in.
  • Implement a transparent budget process that uses realistic revenue estimates and discloses the baseline funding levels that each service needs in order to be maintained from year to year.
  • File a five year revenue projection in order to predict how much the state can collect and spend in the long term.
  • Make the governor’s office subject to Open Meeting and Public Records Laws.
  • Close tax loopholes for special interests, namely those that do not reduce economic inequality.
  • Raise taxes on those who can afford to pay their fair share — beginning with the fair share tax amendment.


Here’s what these proposals will do:

Allow us to spend the money we need in order to reach the outcome we want: reducing economic inequality in Massachusetts